Becoming an Accredited Member
If you are transitioning from a related field, e.g., curator, dealer, auction specialist, collector, attorney, etc., and have a basic level (less than five years) of appraisal or connoisseurship and marketplace experience, we recommend the Appraisal Studies Program at NYU/SPCS, the premier appraisal training program in the country. Earning your certificate from NYU/SCPS includes completing six (6) required theory and methodology courses and four (4) 10-session connoisseurship and marketplace electives.  All those who have completed the program are given two years credit towards our five-year appraisal experience requirement for membership.
Once you have completed the certificate, we invite you to become an Associate of the Appraisers Association for a period of three years, during which time you will develop your appraisal portfolio and have access to specially-designed programs for Associates. At the end of the three-year period, we invite you to apply to become an Accredited Member of the Appraisers Association. We work closely with each applicant to assist with every step of the process. Click hear to read more about becoming an Accredited Member through the "NYU Track."
“Accredited Member” application process/requirements:
  • Appraisal Studies Certificate from NYU/SCPS  MORE
Contact information
Professional Experience (Resume or CV)
Educational Background
Professional References
Area of Specialization
Application Fee $275
  • Mentor (not required) MORE
  • Applications List Published MORE
  • Admissions Committee Review MORE
  • Dues are $625 per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) and are pro-rated. MORE
You may apply in additional areas once you are admitted as an Accredited Member; in addition, you may also apply to become a Certified Member in any area in which you are admitted as an Accredited Member. We encourage all of our Accredited Members to become Certified! MORE
The entire process can take as little as six months; please note that once you initiate the application process, you will have two years as a candidate to submit all materials.
Please call for a membership application today! 212.889.5404 x13 or email membership (at)


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