Becoming a "Certified Member"
If you are transitioning from a related field, e.g., curator, dealer, auction specialist, collector, attorney, etc., and have at least ten (10) years of significant appraisal or related connoisseurship and marketplace experience, we recommend that you apply to become a Certified Member. Applicants for this category typically have 10 or more years of appraisal or related marketplace experience and as such are not required to complete the NYU/SCPS appraisal studies program; however, applicants are still required to complete a condensed series of courses with the Appraisers Association including USPAP, Theory & Methodology, and Elements of a Correctly Prepared Appraisal, as well as a “certification exam” which tests depth of knowledge in your area of expertise. All courses are taught online and in-person. We work closely with each candidate to assist with every step of the process. Click here to read more about becoming a Certified member through the AAA Track.
“Certified Member” application process/requirements:
  • Appraisers Association Required Coursework MORE
Contact information
     Professional Experience
     Educational Background
     Professional References
Area of Specialization
          Appraisals (3) 
          Application Fee $500 (non-refundable)
  • Mentor (not required)MORE
  • Applications List Published MORE
  • Certification Exam MORE
  • Admissions Committee Review MORE
  • Dues are $625 per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) and are pro-rated. MORE
The entire process can take as little as four (4) months or up to two (2) years. Please note that once you initiate the application process, your candidacy will last two (2) years. All application materials must be submitted within these two (2) years.
Please call 212.889.5404, x13 or email for a membership application today!
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