The Associates of the AAA is a new program available to appraisers and recent graduates who have completed the Appraisal Studies Certificate in Fine and Decorative Arts Certificate from the New York University School of Continuing Professional Studies. With the award of the certificate, appraisers earn a two-year credit (or a three-year credit if they have also passed the NYU/SCPS/AAA Internship and Advanced Research Projects in Appraisal Studies) toward the five-year appraisal experience requirement for admission into the AAA. During the remaining usual three-year period when certificate holders must wait to apply for full Member status at the AAA, appraisers are expected to acquire experience in the appraisal field, prepare their membership applications, and work toward their career goals.

In response to numerous requests from certificate holders for a special affiliation status with the AAA during this three-year waiting period, the AAA created the new and exciting Associates Program to connect appraisers with the association’s educational offerings, provide opportunities for networking, and assist during the full Member application process. As Associates prepare to apply for Member status at the end of the three-year period, the association works closely with each applicant and assigns a specialist “mentor” to assist with every step of the application process. As an Associate, please be aware to refer to your status accurately as an “Associate of the AAA.” An Associate is not considered a member and will not be listed in the searchable “Find An Appraiser” database until the Member application is submitted at the end of the five-year appraisal experience requirement period. All Associates will, however, have their names listed on a flat list that indicates their Associate level affiliation with the AAA.

Associates have a wide range of benefits that include:

  • Use of the “Associate of the AAA” as a credential
  • Name included on the list of Associates on the AAA website
  • Mentoring and guidance during the Member application process
  • Internships, fellowships, and professional development opportunities
  • Access to Associates homepage for upcoming programs in the Associates Program
  • Discounts on programs and classes, such as lectures, seminars, workshops, study days, the 7-hour USPAP Update course, Annual Luncheon, and the Annual National Conference and Art Law Day
  • Special Associates programs and events, such as informational and networking receptions and seminars, such as “Applying to Become a Member of the AAA”

"Ask the Experts" sessions organized by the Steering Committee of the Associates Program, are held exclusively for Associates to offer the opportunity for discussion on topics relevant to their appraisal work. During the sessions, Associates are invited to bring their lunch to the AAA office and sit around the conference table and discuss a chosen topic in depth. The discussions are led by an individual with considerable knowledge and experience in the field. The format consists of a leader, who will introduce the topic, present opening remarks and background information, and moderate the discussion. Associates are encouraged to to contribute questions and share information during the roundtable.

New programs are offered on a regular basis. The Steering Committee of the Associates invites and seeks the opinions of Associates for suggestions about future programming that would be of special interest.

Current Associates of the AAA can access the Associates Homepage and Content by entering their email and password in the upper right of this page and logging into the AAA site.

Associates of the AAA Application Process & Fees
The Associate level affiliation fee is $150 per year, prorated on a fiscal year basis, July 1 – June 30 of each year, a considerable discount from the $625 per year for full Members. In addition, the application fee of $275 is waived. Preview or print these forms at the bottom of this page.

  • Choose one (1) Area of Specialization from the list of Areas of Specialization
  • Complete the Associates Application Form
  • Submit the $150 Application Fee

Current list of Associates of the AAA
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Online Application
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Forms & Flyers

  • About Associates of the AAA


  • Associates Application Form


  • Areas of Specialization

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