This search will bring up the AAA Members who specialize in Ancient and Ethnographic Arts. We have a number of categories, but it is a good rule of thumb to start out general and get more specific to narrow your results. As a first step, we suggest selecting only your state and country leaving everything (last name, first name, email-- these are if you are looking for specific appraiser) else blank. In order to get the specific results, you must also select one of the categories of specialization (this is because many appraisers specialize in more than one category). Perhaps for the first step you want to select Ancient Art, and you can see if there are any Members or Certified Members in your area. For more details on the qualifications of our appraisers and levels of membership, click here.

BASIC ANCIENT AND ETHNOGRAPHIC ARTS SEARCH: STATE, COUNTRY, plus ONE specialization, which can be Admitted (Members) or Certified (Certified Members).

If you need any help, please email aaa at or call 212.889.5404 x 10 and we will talk you through the process and help you locate an appraiser.

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Try selecting at least one of the categories of specialization!

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Ancient Art: African Art
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Ancient Art: Islamic Art: Miniature and Manuscript Painting and Works of Art
Ancient Art: Native American Art
Ancient Art: Natural History
Ancient Art: Oceanic Art
Ancient Art: Pre-Columbian Art

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