On Demand Lecture Series - State of the Fake: Luxury Edition

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LuxuryThe new asset class of luxury wearables is threatened by the pervasive counterfeit market. Join Graham Wetzbarger, Luxury Appraisals & Authentication, to explore this rapidly growing $50b marketplace. Learn how to assess the equity in someone's closet; and gain valuable insight to protect yourself and your clients from replicas. 

This is a recording of a webinar previously held live on June 5, 2023.

1.5 CE credits

Graham Wetzbarger, 
One of the world's leading experts in the booming authenticated resale industry, Wetzbarger's passion for Luxury led him on a career path never forged before. His unique experiences and insight keeps his consultancy firm, Luxury Appraisals & Authentication, in high demand from analysts, retailers, institutions and the media. Grateful for his success, Graham donates much of his time to the Authentication Institute of America, helping to shape the next generation of experts, business owners, and innovators of sustainable, pre-owned fashion.


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