Case Studies in Appraisal Methodology
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April 30, 2021 | 10:50am -
Virtual Conference

Spring Conference: Case Studies
in Appraisal Methodology - On Demand

Three panels will focus on relevant topics in appraisal methodology
using case studies. This is a recording of a conference previously held
live on April 30, 2021.



Insights into Leasebacks and the Elements
to Consider for the Appraisal

Pamela L. Grutman, Partner, Olsoff | Cahill | Cossu LLP
Susan McDonough, AAA, President, 
McDonough Fine Art Appraisals, LLC
Karen McManus, AAA, President, Jacqueline Silverman & Associates
An irrevocable trust is a common estate planning tool that allows people
to transfer ownership of a piece of property, such as a home, to a trust
and then lease it back for continued use. Traditionally used for real
estate, collectors are starting to use leasebacks to manage their
art collections. In order to comply with tax regulations, these
transactions require what is known as a fair rental value appraisal.

Join lawyer Pamela Grutman and appraiser Karen McManus for
a discussion about the structure and meaning of fair rental value;
its definition and application; and what appraisers need to know when
considering one of these complex, leaseback appraisal assignments.

Sponsored by Sharon Chrust & Associates

Important Update: Distinguishing Limiting Conditions
from Assignment Conditions

Cynthia D. Herbert, AAA, President and Principal Appraiser,  
  Appretium Appraisal Services
Michael McCullough, Partner, Pearlstein & McCullough LLP
Deborah G. Spanierman, AAA, President, DGS Fine Art Consultants, Inc.
This panel will address how assignment conditions affect the appraiser’s
scope of work and how that might impact an assignment’s scope of work
acceptability. This panel discussion will include references to USPAP
and case studies, including recent court decisions that affect personal
property appraisers.  This panel will also examine how appraisers should
address what the appraisal report is not meant to be, establishing the
adequate limiting conditions on use of the appraisal report. 

Sponsored by Art for Eternity

Understanding and Reporting Condition Issues
Leslie Gat, Principal Objects Conservator, Art Conservation Group
Susan Hunter, AAA, Senior Director, Appraisals, Winston Art Group
Laurel Porcelli, AAA, Founder, Principal Appraiser, Artisan Advisory Group
This panel will walk attendees through the various steps to take
and considerations to make when performing a damage appraisal. 
Presenters will discuss what steps to take onsite when viewing a
damaged work of art, what needs to be considered in deciding what
can and should be done to restore a damaged work, and finally tips
on determining a loss in value post restoration.
Sponsored by Leland Little Auctions

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