Appraising Photographs
Registration Information
April 6, 2018 | 11:00am - 2:00pm
The Photography Show
Pier 94
New York City


Appraising Photographs: Working with Galleries,Values 
& the Identification of Photographic Processes

Participants may register for one of two tour dates:
Friday, April 6, 11:00am - 2:00pm (Click here to register)
      with Lorraine Davis, AAA
Saturday, April 7, 11:00am - 2:00pm (Click here to register)
      with Daile Kaplan, AAA

On Friday, April 6, take advantage of this exclusive walk with Lorraine Davis, AAA- through of selected booths at the 2018 AIPAD Photography Show, touching on a range of photographs from vernacular to blue chip. Meet with Joe Biao, whose collection is being exhibited at the fair, and W.H. Hunt – and Sarah Morthland AAA – at the Biao Collection 1:30-2:00. They will discuss what a collector expects from an appraiser and Sarah will touch upon blockage in regard to appraising large collections.

Learn about the History of the Photography Market from the feature article in B&W Magazine: The Tale that Wagged the Dag: The history of the American Photography Market. Discuss how the market is changing. This interactive tour will discuss the comparison of gallery prices and auction results to determine fair market value, and how condition and processes affect values, and touch on the differences between the European and American photography Markets.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their questions about the photography market, working with dealers and the ID process! You may even request specific photographers to discuss ahead of time so that the group can visit galleries with those photographers’ works.

The program will wrap up with Q&A over coffee.

Joe Biao and W.H. Hunt will be discussing the collection 3-4 PM. This talk is not included in the program. Attendees are encouraged to register to attend separately directly through AIPAD

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn proper protocol in dealing with galleries

  • Understand posted gallery prices vs hypothetical values
    for fair market value 

  • Discuss how to identify media

  • Understand the importance of media (process) and condition in valuing photographs

3 CE credits

Includes entry to fair

$55 Members
$65 General Admission

Register online (at the top of this page); OR
by calling 212.889.5404 x 11 

All cancellations must be made a week prior to the program to receive a refund 

Led by: 
Lorraine Anne Davis, AAA
Certified Member
Appraisers Association of America




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