In the spring of this year, our Membership Committee initiated a new program
titled the Masters Series to document the careers of our long-time members.
This video series captures their early years as appraisers, thoughts on the profession and advice for those just beginning their careers. We are excited
to start our second round of filming in January.

We want to offer our heartfelt thanks to our members for sharing their
insight, knowledge, and insider experiences with all of us.

We hope that you find these Master Series videos relevant, enjoyable, and inspiring!


Michael Capo, AAA
Certified Member

Member Since 1978
Specializations: American Paintings, Drawings & Sculpture, American Furniture and Decorative Arts, Continental Decorations & Early European Works of Art, Furniture and Decorative Arts Generalist


Ellen Epstein, AAA
Certified Member

Member Since 1977
Specializations: 19th Century European Paintings, Drawings & Sculpture, Fine Art Generalist, Near East, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Prints, Russian Art (i.e. Icons, Fine Art, Works of Art and Faberge)


Alex Rosenberg, Sc.D., AAA, ASA
Life Certified Member

Member Since 1987
Specializations: Fine Art Generalist, Impressionist & Modern Paintings, Drawings & Sculpture,
Post War, Contemporary and Emerging Art, Prints


Beth Weingast, AAA
Certified Member
Member Since 1978
Specializations: Numismatics: Ancient, Numismatics: Coins of the World, Antique and Period Gems
and Jewelry, Israeli Art, Judaica Books and Manuscripts,
Judaica Ceremonial and Ritual Objects, Judaica Textiles and Fine Art



Stay Tuned!
There is more to come.



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