2021 Annual Fund


Dear Members and Friends,
Every day we challenge ourselves to be the very best.  As an Association, we stride to build a community that works together by providing insights, information, and innovations.

LEADING. Throughout the year, we brought you a new insurance opportunity to protect your business, updated templates to comply with USPAP, explanations of the new IRS regulations and special discounts to enhance your business.

CONVENING. This past spring, we presented a full day conference on theory and methodology, and in November we hosted Art Law Day and our signature conference Of Value: National Conference.

LEARNING. We presented over 70 programs on a broad range of topics including NFT’s, HBCUs, Anti-money Laundering and Couture: 40 USPAP; 19 Connoisseurship; 7 Methodology; & 5 Networking.
CHAMPIONING. Our members continue to be identified as belonging to the leading association of experts highlighted as a critical element in the global art market infrastructure.  

Thank you for being a part of our Association, and please consider making a year-end contribution today.


With warm regards,

Sharon Chrust, AAA



Linda Selvin
Executive Director

PS: Once again with the cancellation of the 2021 Annual Award Luncheon, your     

       support will make an even greater impact!   

View our Annual Impact here.

Thank you to our 2021 Annual Fund donors!


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