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     The Appraisers Association of America’s reputation as a leader in the field of appraising personal property was confirmed again this year. It is well known that our membership embodies the highest level of connoisseurship and is a consistently trustworthy source known for upholding standards, following a code of ethics, and practicing with the upmost level of professionalism. This recognition brought us two exciting opportunities. It gives us great pleasure to report on these and other activities as the year comes to a close.  

     In August, we hosted a group of 13 art professionals from Seoul, South Korea for a two-week training on accepted appraisal practices. In October, we were invited to Shanghai, China to provide training to two separate groups of art professionals consisting of financial investors and advisors, gallery owners, conservators and other art world affiliates on the standards and practices of appraising the fine arts. We are proud to be the organization that they engaged to learn about valuation theory, procedures and best practices.  

     Here at home, we continue to be the main resource for museums and institutions throughout the country who direct their callers to us for referrals on everything from antiques, historical documents and fine art to wine, instruments and collectibles.

     In addition, we graduated 39 students from our Comprehensive Appraisal Studies Program, (CASP) and we presented 81 programs on a variety of connoisseurship topics, methodology and legal and ethical issues. Our National Conference, Of Value was host to Nobel Prize recipient, Eric Kandel, M.D. and art critic, Judd Tully who presented the keynote addresses. Back again this year were our colleagues from the IRS to address your questions and to discuss recent court decisions.        

     At this time, we hope you will join us with a year-end donation so that we may continue to play a critical role in today’s financial and cultural environment. Our ability to grow is extremely important to the individuals and professionals who use our referral services, seek our advice and request our participation.     

     We thank you and wish you a joyous holiday season and a healthy New Year!

     Best wishes,

Cynthia D. Herbert, AAA

Linda Selvin
Executive Director

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