2017: Of Value

Of Value: Influences, Complexities and Contradictions

2015: Global Trends and Market Forces

2014: Discourse in the Market: All Things Considered

2013: Connoisseurship in Context

2012: Determining Value in a Complex Market

2011: Tomorrow's Challenge: Valuing Art & Design in the 21st Century

2010: Accessing Expertise Today

2009: New Vistas in the Marketplace

2008: Changing Times: Changing Markets

2007: Valuation & Condition

2006: The Unique Role of the Independent Appraiser

2005: Beyond the Essentials

2004: National Conference

2003: Working Relationships: Appraisers and Other Professionals

2002: The Basics of Appraising in Action

2001: Appraisal Challenges: A Practical Guide for the Practicing Appraiser

2000: Appraising in the 21st Century: Shifting Perceptions and Changing Realities

1999: Crossroads: The Art and Technology of Appraising

1998: National Conference

1997: National Conference

1996: Trompe L'oeil: To Fool the Eye and Challenge the Appraiser


Our first conference was in 1983


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