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Ingrid Dudek AAA
AIM Advisory, LLC
Brooklyn,  NY  11238  US
347-564-9170 tel

USPAP compliant through 12/12/2021.

Specialization(s):   Fine Art: Contemporary Asian Art

Member Type: Certified Member

Services: Charitable Donation, Equitable Distribution, Estate Tax Liability, Insurance

Appraiser's Statement: Based in New York, Ingrid Dudek has over 20 years experience in Asian contemporary art, starting with her time managing the CourtYard Gallery in Beijing (2000-2002), through a dozen years as a specialist at major auction houses (2006-2017), and now in providing services to private clients and institutions as an advisor and appraiser.

A Certified Member always has a designation of "AAA" after his/her name, indicating that he/she has additional "certified" expertise in one or more specializations; certified specializations are listed in italics.


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