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Join us for a members-only training session that will help
participants increase their ability to connect with various
internal and external virtual audiences in a relaxed,
confident, energetic manner.

This workshop, led by Seth Pendleton of KNP Communications, will cover concepts and skills related to presence and presentation, including nonverbal and vocal cues, as well as techniques for delivering key messages and handling challenging Q+A. Participants will also learn how to make sure their lighting, background, and other technical elements are supporting and not undercutting/distracting the audience.

At the conclusion of this training, each participant will have:
1) Learned how to communicate effectively in the limited “Zoom Box” context, including a focus on crafting an effective message and how to be relaxed and engaging on camera or in other virtual contexts.
2) Gained a better understanding of his or her unique style and personal communication challenges, particularly the power of non-verbal communication and what it projects to the audience.
3) Learned strategies for self-diagnosis and continuous improvement.

This is a recording of a webinar previously held live on June 24, 2021.

2 CE Credits

Seth Pendleton, a founding partner of KNP, specializes in preparing political, nonprofit, and business leaders for some of their most crucial public appearances, including media interviews, national convention speeches, keynote addresses, and other high stakes appearances. Seth has been a speaker and media trainer for two decades. He has served as a media/speaker trainer and debate prep consultant for more than 300 members of the United States Congress and the U.S. Senate. Seth’s clients include Harvard Business School, Netflix, HBO, the Ford Foundation, the DNC, as well as many leaders in the social justice universe. Previously, he served as a senior speechwriter for the Director of the National Science Foundation. Seth holds a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and as well as a Masters Degree in Theatre Arts from Villanova University. He is a longtime member of the Screen Actors Guild.

About KNP Communications: KNP Communications is a private firm that specializes in helping its clients become outstanding live communicators in any setting. KNP has worked with Nobel Prize and Academy Award winners, Senators, Governors, CEOs and best-selling authors, NASA scientists and TED talkers, and ambassadors and entrepreneurs. Prominent clients include: Fortune 500 firms in the U.S., Europe, and Asia; leading NGOs and nonprofit organizations; 3 of the world’s top10 global business schools; and elected officeholders at the federal, state, and municipal level.

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