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Tuesday, Nov 21, 2023

11am-12pm EST (8-9am PT)


Please join International members Gilberte Bauer, Jaime El Helw, René Lahn, AAA; and Anthony Wu, AAA for friendly and engaging discussion with representatives from the Association's Membership Committee (Carina Villinger, AAA; Susan Brundage, AAA; Sarah Reeder, AAA; and Joelle Kraus, AAA). We'll talk about what it is like living and working as an appraiser and member of the Appraisers Association outside the U.S. 

Gilou Bauer
Accredited in Outsider/Self-Taught Art
Kingston, Jamaica

Jaime El Helw
Accredited in Postwar, Contemporary, and Emerging Art
Cairo, Egypt

René Lahn, AAA
Certified in Postwar, Contemporary, and Emerging Art
Zürich, Switzerland

Anthony Wu, AAA
Certified in Chinese Fine Art, and Accredited in Japanese Fine Art and Indian, Himalayan, and Southeast Asian Pre-Modern Art
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Please register in advance to receive a Zoom link for this free networking event. Themed virtual backgrounds reflecting where you live are highly encouraged!

Free! This Program is for Members and Affiliates Only:
Certified Members, Life Certified Members, Accredited Members, Life Accredited Members, Candidates for Accredited or Certified Membership, Associate Candidates, CASP Students, and Friends are all welcome to attend!

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