If you are a non-member with less than five years of appraisal or connoisseurship and marketplace experience we suggest that you take our Comprehensive Appraisal Studies Program (CASP). 

Please contact, Membership Manager, before registering for these courses to ensure you are taking the correct courses for your level of experience.



Appraisal Writing Workshop
(previously Elements of a Correctly Prepared Appraisal)

Appraisal writing is the core of the art appraisal profession. This class will teach you how to approach, construct, and develop different types of written appraisals for different purposes at the highest standards. Learn the fundamentals of writing insurance, damage and loss, estate, donation, equitable distribution, and inventory appraisals. The course includes a comprehensive e-book handbook, as well as hands-on experience and assistance with writing appraisals. Each session meets four times; attendance is required for all four meetings.

Instructors: Kathy Rosenblatt, AAA and Sharon Chrust, AAA


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Theory and Methodology of Appraising

This course will give you the essential framework of personal property and the important issues in the field. You will study different kinds of appraisals (estate tax, insurance, charitable contributions, and equitable distribution), examine the types of value and evaluation approaches used in appraisal reports and look at markets and the varieties of property most often appraised. Other topics include appraisal terms and definitions, client relations, standards and codes of ethics, and establishing a practice. Each session meets four times; attendance is required for all four meetings.

Instructors: Cynthia Herbert, AAA


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Research Methods for Appraisers

Proper research and methodology (“due diligence”) is key while conducting appraisals. This course will give you a foundation in appraisal research methods and tools. These tools enable an appraiser to research a work of art or an object, determine the appropriate market for comparables, write a narrative analysis, and assign a value. We will explore the libraries, museums, reference centers, and galleries, as well as specific books and price guides, that can be invaluable resources to appraisers. Real life appraisal problems will be addressed, giving you a broad exposure to standards and methodologies. Each session meets four times; attendance is required for all four meetings.

Instructor: Susan McDonough, AAA


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Legal & Ethical Aspects of Appraising
(previously Legal, Ethical and the IRS)

The legal aspects of appraising have become crucial to the profession. At its highest levels, appraising requires in-depth knowledge of key issues, including clear title (so often compromised by stolen and looted art), the legal framework protecting cultural property, IRS considerations, determination of authenticity, appropriate marketplace (retail market and tax shelters), volume discounts, the interaction of case law and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), and legal aspects of damage and loss appraisals. You will earn about current tax law as it applies to the valuation of fine and decorative arts for estate, inheritance, gift, and income tax purposes, as well as for donations to charitable institutions. This course includes analysis of prominent cases that illustrate compelling legal considerations connected with valuing modern and contemporary art, including that of Warhol, O’Keeffe, Rothko, and Calder.

Instructor: Patricia Dillon, AAA



Theory and Methodology Review

This update course is for current members who are adding an Area of Specialization and who have not either completed CASP, the NYU Appraisal Studies certificate, or taken the Candidate version of Theory and Methodology within the past five years. This course will review the essential framework of appraising personal property, including the different types of appraisals, values and approaches used to create appraisals. Additionally, this class will review appraisal terms, definitions, standards, and our code of ethics. 

Instructor: Cynthia Herbert, AAA


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The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) is the generally recognized ethical and performance standards for the appraisal profession in the United States. Appraisers Association members must be up to date with the latest USPAP book and material. Candidates who have not taken USPAP before must take the 15 hour course and exam in Personal Property.


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Course Policies:
Courses require at least 5 students to run. Changes or cancellations to your registration must be made at least 5 business days prior to the start of your course. If you do NOT notify us at least 5 business days before the course, you will be charged a $50 administration fee.


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